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Hayakawa’s Steampunk Issue

This is very cool, though I can’t help shake out Alphaville’s Big in Japan from my head!

Hayakawa, Japan’s premier SF magazine, has recently released a special Steampunk issue, including my Bookman Histories story “The Stoker Memorandum” (which you can read in English, for free, at Daily Science Fiction).

This is my first Japanese publication! And I have to confess I dreamed of being in Hayakawa for years. Many, many thanks to Yoshio Kobayashi for making this possible.


  • The Mad Scientist’s Daughters by Theodora Goss (trans. Junko Suzuki)
  • Reluctance by Cherie Priest (trans. ?)
  • Silver Lining by Tim Pratt (trans. Yoshio Kobayashi)
  • Clockwork Fairies by Cat Rambo (trans. Hiro Takasato)
  • The Stoker Memorandum by Lavie Tidhar (trans. Yoshio Kobayashi)
  • The Age of Miracles, The Age of Wonder by Aliette de Bodard ( (trans. Yoshio Kobayashi)