The Hood

The Hood is the second book in Lavie Tidhar’s ambitious Anti-Matter of Britain Quartet – a narcotic reweirding of ancient myths and a hack of modern fantasy as only Tidhar can conceive it.

This is the story of the Hood in the wood. The Man in Green. The Prince of Thieves. The tick-tock taker of the ten-toll tax.

Rebecca thinks: Screw him.

It’s not easy being a Jew in England, and Rebecca, though she’s born and raised in Nottingham, does not belong. She knows this is not her story. But can she make it her own?

Her only friend is Birdie, a child of the wood determined to escape its clutches by embracing a new God and his Son. As Birdie watches, Rebecca schemes for power – but how far is she willing to go, and what price will she have to pay?

For in Nottingham’s dark alleys a mad monk schemes to resurrect the Christ from body parts, and a bone harpist murders creatures of legend for a price. A series of sheriffs try to hold the peace and subdue the wood: but every time you kill a Hood another takes his place…


‘A wild, inventive tapestry of myth and magic, with a wry sense of humor. Tidhar’s writing is wonderfully vibrant’ — Silvia Moreno-Garcia, bestselling author of Mexican Gothic


“Brilliant, restless revisionist gaze” – Daily Mail

“Reaches impressive levels of delirium.” – The Times

“This is a book to experience rather than to read, as every chapter and revisionist character expands into sheer, wonderful madness. One for the ages.” – Crime Time (Book of the Month)

“I have never read anything quite like The Hood … very punk rock.” – SFBook

“So much fun… Delivers its myth and magic with a splatter of sweary violence and comedy in all the right places in what is one of the most unique and masterful reads of 2021.” – FanFiAddict