The Tel Aviv Dossier

The Tel Aviv Dossier, Chizine Publications, 2009The wind picks up even more, pushing me, as if it’s trying to jerk the camera away from my hands. I spin around and the camera pans across the old bus terminal and someone screams…

Into the city of Tel Aviv the whirlwinds come, and nothing will ever be the same.

Through a city torn apart by a violence they cannot comprehend, three disparate people—a documentary film-maker, a yeshiva student, and a psychotic fireman—must try to survive, and try to find meaning: even if it means being lost themselves. As Tel Aviv is consumed, a strange mountain rises at the heart of the city, and shows the outline of what may be another, alien world beyond. Can there be redemption there? Can the fevered rumours of a coming messiah be true?

As the city loses contact with the outside world and closes in on itself, as the few surviving children play and scavenge in the ruins, can innocence survive, and is it possible for hope to spring amid such chaos?

A potent mixture of biblical allusions, Lovecraftian echoes, and contemporary culture, The Tel Aviv Dossier is part supernatural thriller, part meditation on the nature of belief—an original and involving novel painted on a vast canvas in which, beneath the despair, humour is never absent.

Experience the last days of Tel Aviv…


A short novel co-written with Nir Yaniv, published by Chizine Publications in 2009 in a limited edition hardcover and trade paperback. In 2010 a mass-market edition came out. It is also available in a variety of e-book formats.


“A deranged sci-fi extravaganza… a neo-Gnostic apocalypse narrative for the iPod generation” – The Jewish Quarterly

“Gloriously precise prose…  riotous imagination… I was dazzled by the sheer lunatic ambition of the authors… it’s a trip unlike any I’ve taken.” – Bookgasm

“The Tel Aviv Dossier has to be the most enjoyably bizarre novel I’ve read. The authors, Lavie Tidhar and Nir Yaniv, have woven a complex story of catastrophic destruction, psychotic characters and religio-political apocalypse (in both senses of the word) into a story that never ceases to amaze and confound from page to page. – Gareth D. Jones, SF Crowsnest

“The Tel Aviv Dossier attempts nothing less than the creation of a new literary mythology.” – Cory Redekop, Quill & Quire

“Surreal [and] weirdly funny … A fantastically rambunctious book!” – Boston Book Bums

“One word review: fun! This novel is insane… I loved it!” – Southern Weirdo Reviews



The language of the Whirlwind – stand-alone short story set in the world of the novel, in Clarkesworld Magazine.


Audible 2012. Narrated by Eric Meyers. 7 hours 35 minutes.

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ימי תל אביב האחרונים. Israeli edition, Odyssey Publishing, 2010.

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