Black Gods Kiss

2015 British Fantasy Award Nominee – Best Collection

“One of the most flamboyantly entertaining collections of the year… what [the stories] are is almost the pure essence of pulp – violent, action-packed, paced like a runaway freight train, politically incorrect and socially unredeemable.” – Locus Magazine

Black Gods Kiss

His name was Gorel of Goliris and he was a gunslinger and an addict, touched by the Black Kiss. Gorel wanted nothing more than to return to his home, the greatest empire the World had ever known, from which he was banished by sorcery as a child. But wherever he went, trouble doggedly followed, and death preceded his steps . . .

In Black Gods Kiss Lavie Tidhar returns to the vivid world of his 2012 British Fantasy Award winning novella, Gorel & The Pot-Bellied God. It collects 5 long adventures set before and after the events of Pot-Bellied God, and includes a brand-new novella, “Kur-a-Len”.

In these pages you will find thrilling tales of guns and sorcery, filled with ghosts, mercenaries, necromancers and gods – not to mention sex, and death!


A companion volume to 2012’s British Fantasy Award winner Gorel & The Pot-Bellied God.

Contains the following five stories:

  • Black Gods Kiss
  • Buried Eyes
  • Kur-a-len (novella)
  • The Dead Leaves
  • White Queen


Hardcover edition


“Buried Eyes” in available in audio at Podcastle


“Muscular fantasy…  varied, adult, occasionally surreal and always interesting. Black Gods Kiss is a collection for readers seeking a different flavour to their fantasy.” – British Fantasy Society

“Classic heroic fantasy… My overwhelming feeling upon reading it is gratitude that such an exceptional writer chooses to write the kind of books I want to read.” – Theaker’s Quarterly

2 replies on “Black Gods Kiss”

Fell in love with Gorel after listening to the story on Podcastle so bought the Pot Belly God almost immediately after.
The world you create is so original and vivid was like a breath of fresh air….so will a Kindle version be published of this collection?

Thanks so much! Yes there should be a Kindle edition – I’ll post when it becomes available (not sure when yet!).

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