New Appointment: Visiting Professor and Writer in Residence at Richmond

It’s official (here’s a short announcement) – I will be a Visiting Professor and Writer in Residence at Richmond, The American International University in London. I look forward to engaging with the university!

(For any Ted Lasso fans out there – yes, it’s that Richmond).

I taught Richmond’s undergraduate British Fantasy Fiction course several times in the past (a steep learning curve! And what led me to eventually write By Force Alone and The Hood) and have been involved in setting up the brand-new MA In Film: Science Fiction and Fantasy, which will run from this year. Depending on demand, I may also run a Creative Writing undergraduate course at some point.

This is a mostly honorific position, so I’m still mostly going to be, you know, writing books and stuff. If you’re after a Masters degree, though, do check out the new MA! It promises to be very cool, and is jointly accredited in the US and UK.

Also, you’re welcome to call me “Professor” if you like. I don’t mind! Honest.